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Vallbo milspår

  • 3 h
  • 10 km
  • 100 m

Through peaceful forests – a wonderful route through pristine nature.

Start at Vallbo Fjällgård and glide east across Utterbäcken. The narrow trail passes through pristine areas with rich fauna. Ski for 4 km up a gentle slope through spruce forest and over marshes. Stop for a picnic and enjoy the view of Anarisfjällen to the southeast. There is a good chance of seeing animal tracks in the snow.

The route turns north through beautiful mountain forest, crosses marshes, and continues gently downhill. After 7 km of skiing in sheltered terrain, the landscape opens up and you can see the villages of Ottsjö and Trillevallen. The final stretch has pleasant level skiing, ending with a short downhill to Utterbäcken. After the stream, there is a short climb up to where you started.

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