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  • 6 h
  • 22 km
  • 110 m

The spring’s best out and back trip

This route links up the trails in Ottsjö with the ski tracks in Edsåsdalen and the Årefjällsloppet route across Grofjället. The skiing is fantastic on fine early spring days, but choose a different route if it is windy. The trail is exposed and easily covered by drifts.

Start at the trail hub to the west of BRF Ottsjö Fjällby and follow the same route as no. 161. A little way up on the Plateau turn right, where the Lyckoleden trail starts. The trail goes through the pass between Hållfjället and Grofjället. The terrain is wonderfully undulating and has great views.

You eventually reach the Dals Nyvallen shieling and, after another 2 km you come to Lilla Offsjön and Lyckans läger. Take a rest before heading back the same way, or take trail no. 122 to Edsåsdalen or the Årefjällsloppet route to Trillevallen. From there, you will need transport back if you don’t want to ski to Ottsjö.

165 Lyckoleden

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