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  • 2.5/3 h
  • 4.2/5.3 km
  • 300 m

A summit with 360-degree views

Start at the trail hub in Vallbo. Take the summer trail south over the field and into the forest. The path gets steeper almost a kilometre from the car park, and five hundred metres later it gets really steep. At the hardest point you’re suddenly up on open mountainside. This is where it’s worth all the effort. Turn around and admire the view. You can enjoy amazing views in all directions up by the mast! In clear weather you can see Sylarna to the southwest, 40 km away.

You can always walk back the same way, but if you want a less steep path, choose the circular walk. This is marked with numbered signs, but doesn’t have many plankways. If so, follow the trail with crosses seven hundred metres southward. The path turns to the left and winds back to Vallbo through old-growth forest.

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