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  • 4 h
  • 13.7 km
  • 80 m

A perfect daytrip between Vallbo, Östra Vålådalen and Vålådalen

You can start and finish the route in any of the villages. It goes through beautiful forests, over marshes with views of the mountains and is sometimes hilly. Some of the hills may be a little challenging. If you want to ski up these we recommend skiing the route anti-clockwise, from whatever village you start in. In Vallbo you can choose to go through the village and along the lit trail to the road, Vålådalsvägen, which you have to cross, or to take the smaller, more technical trail over the river Vålån.

Monday to Friday during term-time, there is an afternoon bus from Vallbo, via “Östra” to Vålådalen, which you can take if your legs get tired.

Not only does this route offer great skiing, but you can also eat lunch or enjoy a coffee and waffle break at Vålågården and Vålådalen Mountain Station.

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