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  • 6/7 h
  • 15.5/17.5 km
  • 210/380 m

An outing with flowers, fishing, summits or even a dip

If you start at Köja, follow the river Henån to Dalen. The walk along Offsjöleden has plenty to keep you interested if you read the signs about plants, animals and culture. If you want to go to Lillvalen’s summit, continue 200 metres from the junction at Vackermon and take the path to the right up to the top.

If a beautiful view of a lake is more enticing, walk south instead, towards the Vackermon wind shelter, and then continue to Lilla Offsjön. This is a wonderful place for a picnic, fishing and perhaps a refreshing dip. It will be difficult to leave but, when it’s time to go, follow the gravel road back to Dalen and then to Köja. There is a special spring, Pilgrimskällan, in the marsh, and you simply must drink a mug of the clear, cold spring water.

Tip: The cabins and sauna at Lyckans Läger can be rented.

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