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  • 5.5 h
  • 18.9 km
  • 230 m

A full day out with amazing views

Regardless of whether you are in the mood for a training session or a full day out with coffee and a picnic, Älgbergsrundan is a lovely route.

If you start at Köjagården, take the lit trail anti-clockwise to Dalen. From here, there’s a gentle uphill along the Offsjöleden trail. Eventually the spruce forest thins out and the mountain birches take over. Älgbergsrundan starts after about three kilometres and has small moose signs on the crosses marking the trail. After four kilometres, you are up above the treeline and on Lillvalssluttningen. Take the chance for a break and enjoy the magical views across Ottfjället and the Anaris Massif, before skiing another 150 metres up to Lillvalskåtan.

After a break, ski back down to Älgbergsrundan, which continues on easy, level terrain. All you have to do is enjoy the trail as it passes Lillvalen, Älgberget, Skalknippen and Gräpplingsvalen. When you reach Lyckans lager, the route turns to the northwest and passes the wind shelter at Vackermon, before rejoining the Offsjöleden trail and going downhill to Dalen. Follow the lit exercise trail to Köja.

This is an easily skied route, but is classed as red because it is long and exposed and can easily become covered in drifting snow.

You can also start and finish in Dalen.

122 Älgbergsrundan

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