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  • 2 h
  • 7.6 km
  • 30 m

A wonderful family outing on the animals’ favourite trail

The route starts at Ottsjö Fjällhotell and is mostly in forests, where you are protected from the weather. You can take food to barbecue and some wood (can be bought at Bua). You start with gentle downhill skiing across marshes, and then a gentle uphill when you enter the pine forest. After two kilometres of lovely skiing it could be time for a break. Turn off to the right toward the wind shelter with fantastic views of Ottsjön, Anarisfjällen and Lunndörrspasset.

After the wind shelter, ski back to Älgspåret and turn right. The trail winds through undulating forests for four kilometres, bringing you back to where you started. The trail is often crossed by moose, hares and foxes. Take a closer look at which direction the animals went, whether they found some food… you can always learn something new.

A shorter option is to ski to the wind shelter and back, a total of four kilometres.

160 Älgspåret

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