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  • 2.5 h
  • 6.9 km
  • 210 m

A route with a coffee stop and Renfjället’s top

If you want to ski one of Edsåsdalen’s most popular routes, start at Köjagården and ski up Kilan. Or take the lift if you want an easy start. The route crosses open mountainside with pleasantly level skiing. After three kilometres, you come to Vita Renen, where you can eat a good lunch or just take a break. This is a good place to sit and enjoy the sunshine on a lovely day in early spring.

On the way home from Vita Renen, glide downhill to the Koran wind shelter. The terrain levels out across the marshes and the skiing is easy to the top of Ravinbanan. The route ends with the slope down to Köja.

In good weather, you can take a trip up to Renfjället’s summit from Vita Renen. Follow the trail marked by crosses, past Solgrytan. Once you reach the summit of Renfjället, Åreskutan stretches out ahead of you.

If you choose to start and finish in Dalen, ski up Hedungsbacken – or take the lift up.

123 Renfjällsrundan

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