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  • 2.5 h
  • 8.1 km
  • 40 m

An easy family outing with scenic picnic spots.

Start at Vålådalens Fjällstation. Ski over the meadow and keep right towards Stensdalen. You are welcomed by great views of Lillstensdalsfjället. The route continues through beautiful birch forest; cross the stream and ski over the marshes, then up a short, steep slope. Glide towards Buråsen and then turn towards Nulltjärnarna. The trail winds through forest towards Nulltjärnsbäcken. Once there, follow the trail towards Nulltjärnarna. There is a wind shelter 100 m southwest of the trail; it’s a great place to listen to the silence.

From here, ski towards Kyrksten and then turn right on to the 10 km trail. You now have 4 km of groomed trails through lovely scenery, finishing with a climb back to where you started.

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