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  • 5 h
  • 17.3 km
  • 90 m

An enjoyable nature experience for families
and training enthusiasts

Start at Vålådalen Mountain Station. Ski across the meadow, stay left and cross the Vålån river.

After a couple of kilometres of gentle climbing, you can catch a breather before continuing the route through gently undulating terrain. You ski through birch forests and into sparse pine forest with views of Smällhögarna. Raise your eyes and gaze at the incredible beauty of the landscape, before continuing to the southeast. There is a chance of seeing wolverine tracks and in the early spring you can hear the babbling of the stream, Bruddan. This is the perfect spot to stop for coffee or a picnic.

When the route turns northwards, you cross the trail to Lunndörren several times. To finish off, you are rewarded by three kilometres of wonderful skiing down the hill to Vålån.

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