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  • 5 h
  • 9.9 km
  • 660 m

A summit walk with magical views!

Start at the lift behind Vålådalen Mountain Station. The stony path winds up to Ottfjällsvägen. Follow the road up, past the wind shelters. Turn right just after the waterfall and the second wind shelter. Follow the path to the bridge across Västra Storbäcken. There’s a chance of seeing reindeer, but remember that they need to graze in peace.

Now you’re on open mountainside. Once you have passed a reindeer fence, turn right towards Östra Ottfjällstoppen. It’s time to gather your strength for the final kilometre or so, which will test your legs. At the top, your reward is a 360-degree view of Ottsjö, the Anaris massif, Lunndörrspasset, Lillstensdalsfjället and Bunnerfjällen, Helags and Sylarna. On a really clear day, you can see all the way to Östersund. Rest and have something to eat, then enjoy the view all the way back to Vålådalen.

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