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Issjödalen och Pyramiderna

  • 8 h
  • 22.6 km
  • 480 m

A full day out with extra everything

Walk towards Lunndörren from Vallbo. You get to Vargtjärnflätet after three kilometres on a stony path, where the mountains stretch out ahead of you. The marsh has a plankway and there’s a lovely picnic spot by Storvargtjärn. It’s okay to picnic at Grönvallen, but please remember that this Sami camp is private. Turn left towards Issjödalen. Walk through the forest until you enter the magical Issjödalen, where there are picnic spots and a dry toilet. The route turns right, up on the Gröndal delta, at the privately-owned hunting lodge. As the ice sheet melted, ice dammed a lake so that ice blocks were stranded. Kettle holes formed as they melted. Glacial outwash rivers then washed gravel away, forming the Pyramids. You must not walk on the Pyramids as they are fragile, but the views from the Suengeren Sami camp are amazing. From there, follow the path back to Grönvallen and Vallbo. Pedestrians and cyclists share this route.

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