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  • 2/3 h
  • 6.2/7.2 km
  • 120 m

A route with almost everything

Start at the trail hub west of Ottsjö Fjällby and follow the path north through the spruce forest. Turn left when you come to the large marsh and follow the plankway a short distance. On a gentle uphill you eventually reach Språngsdalen and the wind shelter. Take the steps up to Platåkåtan and enjoy the view before continuing north along the edge of the ravine. The viewing platform at Högåsen provides panoramic views across the mountains. Once you have absorbed the sights, continue over the cloudberry marsh on an
easy plankway. Turn left at the trail junction. Enjoy the view and your picnic at one of the picnic spots along the way.

Don’t miss the detour to Kläpphögarna, as this also offers magical views of the mountains. Follow the trail from Kläpphögarna back to Ottsjö, going downhill on a rocky path through alpine forest. Turn off to the left towards Ottsjö Fjällby.

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