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  • 3 h
  • 11 km
  • 135 m

A wonderful fine weather outing

Of course, you can also ski this trail on a cloudy day. There are three wind shelters if you have a picnic with you, or call +46 (0)70 625 6475 and check whether the café at Ytterstvallen shieling is open.

You can start from Trillevallens Högfjällshotell, from the ski area or from Bergstedt’s cabins. Wherever you choose, ski to Torget and then straight west, across Ludumyrarna where there is a wind shelter and fire pit. After the flat marsh, there is a good one kilometre climb up to Ripkallhöjden. There is another wind shelter with amazing views across the mountains. Or you could choose the next one, at Solslätten – the sunny plain. You call tell from the name which weather it’s best to be here in. The route continues gently downhill for a few kilometres from Ripkallhöjden to Ytterstvallen.

From Ytterstvallen, ski 700 metres on the trail to Nyvallen. There you turn left and ski the gentle incline back to Torget. From here, there is pleasant skiing back to your starting point.

143 Ripkalhöjden

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