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Södra Årefjällen, Fjällupplevelser Till Fots, Vallbo Natur- & Kulturstig, Tjädertupp_taigaphoto


Vallbo natur och kulturstig

2 h

4,2 km

45 m

A route with nature and culture

Start your walk at the parking and then continue to Vallbo chapel.
The entire route has signs telling you about the flora and fauna, and Vallbo’s history.

Continue through the forest, which has rare lichens and fungi, down to the river Vålån. Quench your thirst with clean mountain water before walking a short way downstream. After leaving the river, you walk through a beautiful ravine before climbing an esker and continuing to the gravel pit. There are incredible views from here. When you come out on the road, walk left a short way before turning right onto a path that takes you to a wind shelter by a babbling stream and the ruins of a sawmill.

For the final stretch, follow the old post road back to Vallbo.

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