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1,5 h

3,5 km

60 m

Enjoy a historic walk in lovely scenery

You can walk, run or cycle six kilometres along Bottenvallsvägen to get to the Fäbodrundan route, or you can do it the easy way – rent a key to the barrier (SEK 50) at Ottsjö Bua and drive to the start of the route (P). Continue on foot to Norra Bottenvallen. The old grey shieling buildings are still standing and the pastures are kept open. Then follow the marathon trail to Södra Bottenvallen. At Skårrån you can look for beavers or just sit for while on the bridge, dangling your legs and enjoying the peace and quiet.

If you are full of energy you can take a tough detour from Södra Bottenvallen up the steep path to Klockanfemknippen and savour the incredible views from there.

The route circles back on plankways across cloudberry marshes and along Ottsjön. On a lovely summer day it is wonderful to wade across to the sandy beach and bathe before finishing your outing.

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