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Fotograf: Fjällfotografen Albert Rösch
Fotograf: Fjällfotografen Albert Rösch
Fotograf: Taigaphoto



5,5 h

18,9 km

230 m

A good day out with fantastic views.

From Hotell Köjagården, take the 10 km trail to Dalen. From there, the route goes gently uphill through sheltered terrain on the Offsjöleden trail. After 4 km you are above the tree line and on the slopes of Lillvalen. Continue gently uphill until you reach a junction. For a break with magnificent views of Ottfjället and Anariset, ski 50 m further, to the Lillvalskåtan hut.

Afterwards, head back down to the main trail and continue on easy, flat terrain to the Vackermo wind shelter. The route offers easy skiing back to Dalen and the last section is on the 10 km trail back to “Köja”.

This route can also start and finish in Dalen.
This relatively easy trail is classed as ’Red’ due to its length.

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