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Fotograf: Fjällfotografen Albert Rösch
Fotograf: Fjällfotografen Albert Rösch
Fotograf: Taigaphoto



3,5 h

13 km

200 m

A pleasant circuit through sheltered terrain – a good choice in poor weather.

From Hotell Köjagården, ski east around the track to Dalen. From here, the route goes up through sheltered forests. After 1.5 km on Offsjöleden (the Offsjö trail), you reach Milspåret (the 10 km track). Cross the track and stay on the trail for 200 metres, then turn left and left again. The route winds gently up to the Vackermo wind shelter, which is a great spot for a picnic with views of Grofjället and Hållfjället.

From Vackermo, turn right back onto the Offsjö trail. After 1 km turn left and glide through undulating terrain back to Milspåret; follow Offsjöleden home. The route winds through pleasant mountain terrain to Dalen and ends at “Köja”.

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