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3 h

10,2 km

130 m

A great route with a mountain feel,
suitable for any weather.

This route starts at Trillevallens Högfjällshotell with pleasant skiing to Bergstedts cabins. From there, glide downhill to Nyvallen, then ski towards Ytterstvallen through varied terrain. Take the chance to stop at Ytterstvallen, an old shieling nestled on the hillside. The views are breathtaking and this is a good place for a break – especially if the waffle hut is open. For opening hours, call + 46 (0)647 34139.

The trail now continues gently uphill for 1 km, through birch forest and over marshes, to Björkdungssvängen. Here, turn right towards Ludumyrarna. At Ludumyrarna there is a wind shelter and BBQ spot, making it perfect for a lunch stop.

From Torget, continue towards the hotel through the old-growth forest.

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